About Morgan

There are times when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. This seems to be a common affliction of my generation but I’m hoping that by being more vocal about my journey as a new GLAMR professional, and starting afresh in a new city/country, then perhaps I will gain a sense of clarity and purpose.

I have always had a passion for cultural heritage and history and through choices both practical and personal, I undertook a Masters in Information Studies from Victoria University of Wellington, graduating in 2015.

I found myself moving to Sydney in 2016, in pursuit of a job opportunity that I couldn’t say no to. This meant that I had to say goodbye to my home of 8 years in Wellington, leaving behind close friends and professional connections.

I suppose that the point of this blog is to voice my navigation of the GLAMR sector, particularly recordkeeping and archives which I have found to be widely misunderstood by those not familiar with the profession.

It will be personal in tone though and will encounter the mundane day-to-day, as well as (hopefully) bringing an element of fun to my work that I can share with you.

*Views are my own*